This Option Is For Beginners With a Tight Budget

Learn How To Make 10k/Month by Being An Independent Cleaning Contractor

By cleaning office as a sub-contractor and getting your own residential cleaning clients.


This program was made for beginners with a tight budget, because if you have less than 5k-10k to your name, it may not be the right time to start a commercial cleaning business, because it will be hard to grow without any capital for marketing and sales or the proper 1:1 help. This program focuses on getting to 10k a month as a cleaner as fast as possible, so you can be in a financial position to get your own commercial contracts once you're ready.

The fee of this program, will be deducted in the future, if you decide to work 1:1 to grow your commercial cleaning business once you're in a better financial position.

Note: This program does not cover any commercial cleaning contracts and does not provide resources of a commercial business, all of that is only for our clients for our main 1:1 offer

This program only covers residential cleaning and how to make 10k a month as a cleaning contractor step by step, without any money needed, just your time and commitment.

About Rick Brown, Founder of Cleaning Launch

I started Mastery Cleaning late 2016 and grew to over 5m in revenue by closing big ongoing commercial cleaning contracts, and using subcontractors to do the work. After creating a business that worked for me, I realized that other cleaning owners were stuck cleaning with no knowledge of the true potential of the business or simply didn't know how to get contracts. Due to all the people asking for help, I then created Cleaning Launch, to help other cleaning owners achieve the same results because I already built all the systems, sops and by working 1:1, they could just copy the wheel that's proven to work.

Ready To Join?

  • Step by step program to making 10k a month as a cleaning contractor in 30-90 days

  • Step-by-step business plan

  • Pricing training and checklist to calculate

  • Cleaning supply list & equipment

  • Residential estimate contracts

  • Invoicing software training

  • Complete website template fully done (just cover hosting if you needed it)

  • One Hour 1:1 Consultation call with Rick Brown

  • Residential Cleaning Community Group

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